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T-Global Services

T-Global offers a perfect partnership for your services development. With the highly competitive and fast moving industry at hand, T-Global service offering lets you focus your efforts and energy in building your business and customer base while knowing that your business infrastructure is in capable partner's hands.

Whether you are a 50-strong company or a one man operation, T-Global has the right solution to your business needs with our T-Services.

Data Centre Services

T-Global offers a complete suite of data centre facilities and managed services which includes:

* Server hosting

* Shared server

* e-Monitoring

* e-Security

* IP addresses

* IP Bandwidth

* Internet access services

Software Development          

* Inventory System          

* Billing System          

* Global Calendaring System


Technology Consultancy

* Telecommunications          

* Teleconferencing / Videoconferencing          

* Telecommuting          

* Research and Development  

Management Consultancy          

* General Management          

* Sales and Marketing Management  

Technopreneur Service Office          

* Private Office          

* Shared office suites          

* Work desks          

 * PBX          

* Broadband Internet          

* Call Centre Services  

Small Business Services          

* Business Setup services          

* Incorporation Services          

* Accounting and Auditing  

Business Development Services          

* Business Proposals          

* Teaming Agreement          

* Agency Agreement