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T-Global Projects

T-Global offers comprehensive incubator programs which includes IDA license application, business presence, technology information transfer, application for government grants and funding.

The incubator program aims to realize business ideas into commercial success. With a well-structured plan, and minimal start-up cost, T-Global will provide a platform for entrepreneurs to quickly jump-start their entry into the highly profitable telecommunications industry. 

  • Packages:

  • 1. Technopreneurs Start-Up Package

  • 2. Student Technopreneurs Start-Up Package

Wholesale VoIP Platform

·         Calling Cards and Call Shops

The T-Global calling cards and call shops business model offers a low cost entry into the lucrative telecom market segment. The essence of the calling cards and call shops business model is to creatively segment customers by various demographic and/or behavioral characteristics and to design the service offerings to meet their specific calling needs. The calling cards and call shop markets can be developed in partnership with established retail distribution channels, and service providers who want to diversify their revenue streams.

·         Corporate IP Centrex

T-Global offers very scalable and cost effective IP Centrex and Voice over Broadband (VoBB) solutions that enables their customers to quickly roll out business IP Centrex service offerings. T-Global’s IP Centrex solution utilizes innovative Intelligence-at-the-Edge architecture in which the central servers perform call management and billing functions whereas the customer premises equipment devices, such as the IP Phones, deliver IP Centrex functionality. IP Centrex, also known as Hosted IP PBX, is quickly gaining popularity among corporations around the world.